Hey Hey Katy Testo

Testo Hey Hey Katy

She walks along grey skies with green eyes
Cries about everything, loves about everyone
Willing to take the time, to tell her she's beautiful
Sounding half credible, its what she needs and dont pretend
this never happened
Hey pretty girl don't you know you've been running through my mind all through the day and I can't find a way to be without you...what am I gunna do
This is the part, where we fall apart you can break my heart if you want to,
Start fast, end slow come on come on come on come on let's go
Hey Hey Katy don't you wanna tease me and Oh oh baby come on drive me crazy
Hey Hey lady tell me that you need me, cause i can't get you out my head,
Here we go again
(verse 2)
She walks along grey skies with green eyes
Don't tell me that everyone you loved
Still loves you right now
So tell the girl and tell the girl, and tell the world, and tell the world
Just how she meant it, how her lines rubbed off on you
Hey Hey Katy, don't you wanna be mine
You're pinned now without a time and the man in stripes is calling for a tap out
Hey Hey Katy, Don't you wanna be my girl