11:11 Testo

Testo 11:11

You were looking all over for yourself
You didn't even know your name,
You left it somewhere on the shelf.
So what you found you claim to fame?!
I heard about everything you said while pulling daggers from my back.
You forgot the daydreams that we had sleepin on a broken back!
At eleven eleven, are you watching where you're steppin?
In a seven eleven, do you really think status is helping?
You can try to hurt me and discourage me, but we won't stop rocking the boat
And I don't know why clocks tick so damn slo
But we won't stop rockin the boat
And I won't go when watches say so.
So put the mic back on the shelf if you don't have shit to say
You gotta bend before you break me, Mr. Jealousy...
Under his bed where monsters creep,
it's not so bad,
someone tell him he can't breathe
Sometimes it seems so far away and we don't have a ride.
Sometimes the moment slips away and we can't fight the tide.
Sometimes the friends begin to stray cause they lost all their pride,
and sometimes they just have too much to hide...
At 11:11, I stand in 7-11, staring at the heaven through the window at my friends
in one small van I know is headed straightfor all my dreams