This Is The Time Testo

Testo This Is The Time

Been working so hard lately, and a man come up to me and said
I've been fit in some sort of description, but I said, "this ain't my style, yo."
Its just the distance. Here is my face, there are my eyes.
I'm on my skateboard cruising in town.
I'm in your stereo, your stereo, and I feel so fine.

Cause this is the time, and this is the place.
My mind stays.
And I've got to let you know, everything comes back around in circles,
and I've got to let it go.

This isn't happening or is it happening?
I need some satisfaction, will that happen?
As you keep the people questioning
but you aren't answering, why aren't you answering?
Forget your questions and get some answers.
Theres no doubt we'll get there faster.
Everybody's got their problems baby, but you probably shouldn't sweat it.
I keep forgetting yesterday happened. x3
Will it happen one more time again?
I'm in your stereo.


Everything spins around in circles.
Remember. In circles.

And she says "Hey boy,
I see your in need.
I got my own place now,
theres no one here but me.
Do you wanna come inside now?
Out of the cold?
You can sit by the fire.
Get you out of those wet clothes.
See thats my style, yo.
Its hard to believe.
Give you love while you're here;
fulfill your needs."