F.K.O. Testo

Testo F.K.O.

See When you have the face of a man
spread thin over 3 half finished records
Its likely The hand doctors will knock & or ring
With a child's map of your muscle and mountain top voice
to agree you need help
to the tune of twice as much popular music...

The daughters of if/but are desperate
Drug strung rock czars
can be a sloppy candy
for the emotional wantsome of many many land U.S.A.
another big easy for its dynamite audience

all half deciding
who is more popular
the good great grandchild of napolean
or carol burnet's spotlight mop up man

they vote by pushing colored pins into empty check box marked
flaps of flesh Located on the backs of their miniature dogs necks

upon doing so
while outside
the pin poked pet neck votes are then tallied
beneath the breathy crackle of a freshly turned off cop car
by alert middle class worms hid in the heads of ford model mailmen

Who say...

They say the sun is flipped by hat tipped Private dicks
Who lean like prey eyed eagles up-on classic looking lampposts
lined with the many levers that start + stop
all of the stars The rich folks want

and they in turn pay the gumshoe's matress well
To sing the U.S. sparkles like george washington at 21
sucking solid gold from solid ground
using his hollowed topless chopped cherry tree straw


and the wealthy west can not be asked
who decides when they shoot a spectacular
until the cameraman's eyesight starts hurting of coarse

and if they say so this songs isn't happening...

they will have their poems sung to them
or they will have nothing at all...