Return Of The Vein Testo

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Testo Return Of The Vein

Things are in black and white

You are the sole member of tonight's studio audience, splayn

before you is the made for t.v. 2-d back drop of some classic cooking show set.

the dead man from one dollar, only 30 years younger
,is stood contra posto before you.

front and center on stilts, pressing the drawn fangs of a tore in two fork

tenderly against the quivering lip of a plastic champagne flute.

several beads of clean water quickly slip from the pulled teeth tips

and tangle softly to a body in its empty crystal pit.

fingers in your mouth out of fear...

your shadow's somehow shot itself up on the wall behind him

throwing a peace sign up like devil's horns,

above his ever so signature presidents head silhouette.

He catches your eye and calls you up to the stage,

while he opens a wee door wide in his overall armor.

He then shows you a change slot bore where his appendix would be

and says softly, " see how" he too had been bit by the audience once...

He takes to the floor from his stilts.

As you make for beside him on stage,

you bump exposed flesh by mistake.

the heat from his hurt has its way with the hairs on your neck,

till your glasses go black and you lean back on a yell...

just then he wiggles a pec with the quickness,

and wishes your mouth flooded shut

full of steel wool, safety glass, and loosed teeth.

your shadow now cringed in tight behind you

is puddled up soaking the skin on your heels...

your busy scraping your tongue down,

like a wildman with the jagged edge of your house key.

and angry dream george is once more top his stilts,

still swallowing your yell.

calling your attention yet again to the slot tore in his side

as he shouts something down about you sucking out venom.

you motion to cover your eyes

while your shadow breaks free and lets dive,

through your back, sucking in its blacks

as you gag from the pit of your person

and pitch...


you wake up dark eared and edgy, on a bench, in a park,

sizing up the there amounts of edible meat

on the closest rock dove...

and then nearby elderly woman...

in the raw,

extracting american water

all by bald eye,

and one public school education.

until you feel like sinking or singing...