Still Fruit Testo

Testo Still Fruit

in fact

a dark hat hung on a hook
looks like
a well behaved black hole cocked correctly
on what must be a very serious wall

some delicious picture of proof

a human yell kept in the glass and gelatin
yester second of someone's great photograph

rerunning luke and nothing like it looks
across your ever so slight appetite for life

completely indulging your fat american eye
as you walk into the warm chest of a full waiting room
over flowing with a great deal of and a whole lot of carpeting

below the skylight
there is a bright boy, thumbing his eyes closed
in a rather emotional amount of sun
and he can't seem to explain why he is almost constantly w/goose bumps

you've walked into his very sick second

thick as the farmiliar and dark instant
during which your kitchen light sticks

your cells stutter ever so slightly
and reverse
your eyes are off
yet you can still see
climbing through a soft spot in the clock
eating out the stiff fruit of a photograph