The Hook Testo

Testo The Hook

“60,000,000 ways to die choose one”

this is a solar thang
like 2% hope on ice
with your molitov self
on all the tangible gone of away air mattress.

Hope, no throat,
drained of all its butterscotch.
cool arm siphoned of it's red trickle,
through a keyhole.
fragile in the suck of every day
toward the sun,
“keep sticking the fuck up”,
hung on the metal between two passing checks...
beside a low fire
of the worst-case scenarios...
staring at the stalk of a dead plant deaf...
singing “material girl” siniging “fame”
singing “a hard days night”
singing “60,000,000 ways to die choose 1...

by bill, by car, by arm, by cum, by gun, by mic,
by friend, by egg, by bill, by song, by dog,
by art, by book, by hype, by death,
by lung, by wing, by hope, by dream, by why?, by band....