Color Bind Testo

Testo Color Bind

(feat. DJ Magic Mike)

[VERSE 1: T-Isaam]
Sittin in my room I get consumed
By everything that everyone assumes
So then it gets hard to explain
With all of the thoughts I obtain
So I sink into the space of my race
And I trace everything that we face
But now I see life for what it is
And I now that the creature is a kid
But how can I change what remains
When my little brother's actin kinda strange
He never goes to school anymore
Cause he has other things to explore
And even though he's only 15
He's got the cleanest Brougham that I've seen
And who am I to ridicule your ass
When I did the same shit in the past?
So I laugh, but I don't laugh loud
Cause I know he's hangin with the wrong crowd
Yeah, and that ain't safe
Cause at the wrong time he's in the wrong place
But why does he have to
When on the other side of tracks I hear laughter
Cause everything's fine
But over here everyone's colorbind

[CHORUS: singer]
I'm just colorbind
So much goin through my mind
I can't take no more
Just too much for me to ignore
I'm just colorbind
So much goin through my mind
I can't take no more

[VERSE 2: T-Isaam]
Now little Sonya's got problems
And there's no one in the hood that can solve em
See, Sonya mother's livin off crack
And she makes the money layin on her back and all that
And everybody knows
Cause little Sonya needs new clothes
Yeah, and she was doin so good
She was goin to the 3rd grade and I know she could
Make the honor roll list
But her mother's too busy gettin blitzed
Yeah, and what a damn shame
Cause she had a good job and now she's got good game
But tell me who's to blame
Cause everywhere I look it's all the same
Yeah, and tell me from where it came
And by the name, tell me what's his name
But yo, when I really sit and think
How we're pushin each other to the brink
Well, that's when I find
That maybe... maybe we're colorbind


[VERSE 3: T-Isaam]
Now I'm at the movies late night
And everything's goin all right
See, [Name] just got a new flick
So it's packed front to back cause it's a hit
But what's that down in the front row?
He stepped on your shoes, that's a no-no
So then I hear shots at the spot
And everybody's bailin to the parking lot
So now I gotta dip and dodge, duck and barge
Cause another just tryin to get large
But on my way out I hear a voice shout
And it sounds familiar, so I change my route
And I head to the scene
And I see a body layin near the screen
Yeah, and I can see the nigga's dead
Cause the bullet went straight through his head
Now normally this isn't a surprise
Since I seen a lotta people lose their lives
But this time it ain't fine
Cause it's my little brother, and now I'm colorbind