Lock Down Testo

Testo Lock Down

(feat. DJ Magic Mike)

[VERSE 1: T-Isaam]
Now they're takin me to part D
Cell number 461, gee
With nothin but some blues and some flip-flops
One blanket and a mattress hard as rocks
Headed to the dwellings of the felons
Nothin but murderers and drug sellers
But as I walk through I don't feel bad
Cause I see a lotta homies from the pad
So I know if anything goes down
That I'm down with every nigga in the compound
And everybody's askin me, "What's up
Why they got T-Isaam in handcuffs?"
Most figure it's the drug bust
Cause they figure that I'm out slingin dust
And a nigga must've slipped up
Or got tripped up, damn I should've dipped up
But now it's too late for second-guessin
And maybe this time I'll learn my lesson
Change my life and make a turnaround
But that's what you think when you're headed to lock down

[VERSE 2: T-Isaam]
When I was on the right track
I found the right track wasn't nothin but the white track
My mama didn't raise me that way
The white folks made me that way
Nigga this, nigga that is all I heard
Now nigga is a everyday word
It is hard for me to understand
Why I'm usin it more than the white man
Damn, I'm even thinkin like them
But unlike them my future's lookin dim
No hope in the system, so I diss em
And don't associate with em
Just stay in my shell of livin hell
That's all I can do when I dwell
In lock down

[VERSE 3: T-Isaam]
I wish I could go home
Back to the streets where a nigga used to roam
Pimp daddy's in the Brougham
30s or low's, get the hoes, and so on
And things were goin swell
Just bought a new Jeep and turned on the cell
But now I'm in a real cell
And Ma Bell can't pay a nigga's bail
So I'm stuck in this rut till I make a plea
Not guilty, and maybe I'll go free
And live the life of a wife and a picket fence
White fence, now I'm back to feelin tense
About the messed up system that I'm livin in
So I'm back again
In lock down