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Testo Wise Guy

[Hook: x4]
Wise guys done popped up, blocks get rocked up
Boulevard be stopped up, my whole click be glocked up

I'm one of the last Dons, that's connected with these Regals
My daddy was the Boss man, until he found out he had a weakness
Found out, he was tooting that caine
Lower than life, so they had to splatter his brains
It hurt me to the heart, but I had to hold my position
Finish what I started, so I had to continue my mission
And never give up the fight, because the fight it just a battle
These Mafia niggaz, run motherfuckers like cattle
So when it's your number, you gotta go gotta go
Before my daddy died, he showed me all the ropes
Showed me all the tricks, and trades to this shit
How to do it build a empire, and the ways to get rich

[Hook x4]

Now I done earned my rank, in this Mafia life
Jesus don't even know, I'm bout to kill him tonight
Because that nigga killed my daddy, I can't let him slide
Even though I'm not suppose to be, I'm the Wise Guy
But blood thicker than water, I'ma murder this nigga
He live in a two story, right next to Tigga
So hopped up in the Beamer, and headed straight to his house
By time I got there, they was do's and all on the couch
That's all I needed to see, I put the silencer on
When I kicked the do' in, he had his trousers on
When he opened his eyes, and seen me in the flesh
The only thing he knew, it wasn't his dad it was his death

[Hook x4]

I'm the Wise Guy, my daddy was the Godfather
Now that he's gone, my life is feeling a lil' harder
But I gotta keep on pushing, and striving for my dreams
Plus this life that I'm living, is really like a dead end
And I'm trying to change, for the better
Still got me walking through the rain, and clutching my baretta
And I'm trying, to stop that
That ain't cool black, but still I can do that

[Hook x4]