No Sucker Testo

Testo No Sucker

I know a lot of cats
That be swimming with the sharks
And they ain't get ate up
But they definitely drown
Take a look around little brother
You surrounded by lions
What you goin' do when it go down

I know you got the heart
But it sure gets dim
And these cats know how to win
Man they serve it ala cart

I'm talking about them elves
You see what they did you Mel?
He had all the passion
And still got ripped apart

They hated on Jesus
So what you think they goin' do to you
When they hear your sound coming up them speakers
Coming up them speakers
Coming up them speakers

Man let the beat rock
I ain't tripping off these little diamonds
Hating on me blown just 'cause they weaker

Maybe they should quit
Hit themselves in the head with a brick
You ain't dope 'cause you got no sneakers

Let's talk about your crib
You still living with your mom
Come around my way
I'll show you how I live

I told them that I ain't no sucker
Ain't ain't no sucker
I ain't no sucker
So what's up now?

How you goin' be a thug if you're scared of the dark?
Gets the cool dudes mad cause I'm everything they're not
Maybe when they drop by I'll finally know their name
But until then they ain't getting no f-ing props

Course the grass is greener if you come and chill with me
What you think it's goin' be?
Man I'm up on MTV
Nobody put me on I've been grinding for some years
So it's funny when I hear that somebody put me on

Dollars like some kids little grown dudes scared
Can't fathom how a self-made cat could make it big
Only true hustlers know about this hear
And know my momma I'm a future millionaire

Nothing but crabs in the bucket over there
I eat them by the bushel
Just season them with beer
Independent dude got a bonified career
Making major moves, everybody know we here