Mike Lowry X Marcus Graham Testo

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Testo Mike Lowry X Marcus Graham

Old game stage, used to call it rap
Put some words together got her used to all that
Did it all the time then she used to call back
Used to cuss me out when she used to callback
Now it's over
But she don't own me
Cause now I see this new bronze trophy
And I don't call it third place, I just see her skin tone
Looking nice and well rounded, then I'm touching third base
Winking at the pitcher
I swear I know I'm stealing like the bishop, a villain
But who am I but chilling when your airing out your feelings
And who am I but absent when you care about these feelings
A royal blue blazer with an all black turtleneck
Affinity for now with an allergy to permanent
I hope you don't spoil this
I hope you don't expect a shallow man to be more than this
Look I get no joy in this
And I be all alone on these voyages
But you just swear to God I'm enjoying this
And I'm just avoiding it
It's me without a cue card
Where that leave us when you try and play that cute card
Then you say my honesty's a turn on
Then the room got the do-not-disturb on
But that's a cue for my loneliness
Imma make a toast like cheers to the Chauvinist
And here's to the Chauvinist, it's never gon' change
I got all I wanted but I never got your name
I said cheers to the Chauvinist, it's never gon' change
All I ever wanted was a [?] frame
Every time I got it swore nothing was the same
And this is what you wanted now you want me take the blame
That's the song
That's the song

I saw her walking out of Sephora
The allure of her aura left me in awe
That's why I don't believe in karma
Cause honestly, I don't deserve her, I would ruin it
The word to snoop deserve ain't got nothing to do with it
I saw the God in her
So the dog in me instantly started barking
I'm audibly calling audibles like "Hey girl"
"You look like you've been floating through my dreams
I've been scoping you in hopes that I could mold you"
So my scheme is to conflate you with conversations
He resounds my demons and revealed the reason I got this way
Are honest mistakes
I'm tryna change but I still get the urge
And we all get those, so why tiptoe?
And God is still moving on my behalf
I'm patient within this process
I've made some progress but baby you are still and object
Her prowess is a magnet, she's attracted to my traction
I'm everything she doesn't need but imagines half
And I'm walking a thin line between a sacrilegious savage
And a family man
Marked with an asterisk I'm asking
Could you take me as I am if you really knew who I was
When the feelings disappear it appears to be no because
When you don't find me funny and my past begins to surface
And I don't give you a reason to believe this will be worth it
I'm nervous
They say slave for it don't be a slave to it
But once I pray for it I'm prey to it
So I'd understand if you couldn't stay
And add you to the list of people I love that I push away
The stress got me isolated
Give me a license plate for my escape
My face in her chest
I lie in wait as my tears drown in my face
Hands down to her waist
Jeans down to her ankles, her heart begins making space
I'm convicted
But my issues are deeper than where I'm bout to go
These are the fights I face when I wait on you to work out my soul
So, cheers to the Chauvinist, here's to the pain
And the things that I'm privy to do but can't explain
It's always been this way, it ain't never gon' change
I got everything I wanted but I never got your name
That's the song
Said that's the song