The American Reject Testo

Testo The American Reject

It feels so good to be back
Supe, yeah

Uh, turn the lights out, we in a white house
What that mean? uh, yeah, uh
Turn the lights out
We in a white house
Pour us some champagne, put on that white dress
Pull up my address, I'm so upset
What I write, what I type, I’m like rhymefest
She wanna ride, wanna ride, this is Fright Fest
Woo, yeah, she tryna digest
Tryna maintain a main frame, woo
I'm tryna fuck up the mainframe, woo
Then I'll knock this bitch like Bruce Wayne, eh
Bad bitches skinny dippin’ in the champagne (Yeah)
Ain't shit changed but the re up
I let my money talk, you should speak up
She think she a starter, yet she keep up
Ooh, (Ooh) I did it for nostalgia
Just a little deja vu (Ooh)
An innocent thing like that, something like that

American reject, what's a defect
We out the womb nigga, no C-sect
One more set, to make my sun set
We make our own etch, we on our own sketch
This is a home stretch, bowl fest contest
.5, hot shot, shot clock, LeBron shit
She gon' shake her ass and not ask for deposits

'Cause she know that I got
I got my Gucci shoes dirty, goddamn (Damn!)
Why she talkin' so dirty, goddamn, (Damn!)
Why this flight so ugly, why these niggas wanna murder me
Wanna murder me
Stole my sauce, that's a burglary
Cherry on my top, I need her urgently
I'm a boss, I’m sure you’ve heard of me
She put that ass on me, that's encouraging

American reject (Damn), what’s a defect (Goddamn)
American reject (Damn), what's a defect
We out the womb nigga (Damn), no C-sect
American reject (Damn), what's a defect (Damn) (Goddamn)
American reject, what's a defect
We out the womb nigga, no C-sect