Flip Flop Testo

Testo Flip Flop

Watch Me Do My Flip Flop
Ima Do My Flip Flop [Repeat]
Watch Me Do It Check Me Out [x4]

[Verse 1: Trouble]
Pull Up My Pants Get in My Stance N Crank My Dance Yea Im Bout To Snap Crack N Pop N Flip Flop Like Some House Shoes Who Got Stacks We All Do T.C. We Dun Hit Da Scene Keep It Fresh N O SO Clean Like Breath That Smells Like Listerine See How I Boost It N Watch How I Move It Girls Dey Be Choosin N Like How I Do It Call Up Da Missez N Dey Get Ta Jukin Action N Motion Dey Call Us Da Movies Let Me School You Teach You How Ta do It Like A Pro Now Watch T.C. Flip N Flop It N Da Center Of Da Flo.

[Verse 2: Redd]
You Leanin N Rockin Im Flipin N Flopin When I do Da Flip Flop Hoes Hatin N Watchin Dey Hit Da Flo N Be Blockin But Dey Niggas Stay Jockin Talkin Bout Some Juke Me Lil Buddy Nigga Im Still Flip Flop Trouble Came Up Wit Da Dance So We Flipin Out Da Parkin Lot Clip Dumpin N Dis Hoe Just Ta See How Many Rounds We Got You Duckin Dodgin All Des Bullets Screamin Like A Wistle Now You Flyin Wit Da Angles Cuz I Blowed Yo Wit Da Missel


[Verse 3: Lil Honey]
Stomp Yo Left Foot N Yo Right Foot Watch Me Crank My Dance N Drop It Ta Do Flo Lil Honey On Da Trak So You Already No Fuckin wit Dat T.C. Missez We Gon Lay You On Da Flop Put Da Pistol Ta Ya Back Screamin Were Da Money At Got Dem Jays On My Feet N A Fresh "A" Hat Niggas Choosin From Da Crowd So You NO We Lookin Good T.C. MIssez Takin Ova Say Sumthin Wrong I Wish You Would.

[Verse 4: Trigga]
When Triiga Step Up On Da Scene Watch Me Do My Flip Flop It Aint Hard Just Ben Yo Knees Den You Lean N Den You Rock So Watch Me Do It Check Me Out Fresh As Hell On Da Dance Flo Yal Dun Made Me Wana Dance Its My Time Ta Hit Da Flo Do My Dance Non-Stop Den Snap Crack In Pop Pick It Up N Let It Drop Now Watch Me Do Da Bunny Hop Now My Dance On Deck So Best Ta Belive dat We Got It On Lock See You Lames Can Shoulder Lean But Ima Do My Flip Flop


[Verse 5: Drama]
Watch Me Crank My Dance Ima Jig Non-Stop Ima Flip N Ima Flop N Den I Let My Legs Pop Now You Dun Heard Me Flo Now Watch Me Go Ima Flip N Ima Flop Neva Lean Neva Rock Move It Like A Merry Go I Be Goin Non-Stop What Its Called Da Flip Flop what Its Called Da Flip Flop

Flip Flop It Out [x8]

[Verse 6 Lucky]
Dis Da One dey Call Lucky N Belive Im On Da Trak Now watch Me Step Up On Da Flop N Den Break Yo Nigga Back Betta Yet Just Let Me Lean N Rock In Crank Me New Dance What Is Called...What Is Called... First I Lean N Den I Rock Den Snap Crack In Pop I Move My foot Back N Forth Motion den West Side Walk It Out

[Verse 7: Lil Ashely]
Flip Flopin Neva Stopin Aint No Jukin On Da Flo Any Body Got a Problem We Gon Do It Toe Ta Toe Dis Da One dey Call Lil Ashely N Yo No Im Wit Da Missez Leanin Rockin Niggas Stopin We Flip Flopin On Ya Bitches Wait A Minute Check Me Out Im Da Best At Dis Dance Aint No Popin At Da Mouth Cuz Im Da Best With Des Hands N Im Quick Ta TAke Ya Man Think Im Playin Bitch Stop You Can Do Yo Bunny Hop Well Ima Do My Flip Flop

[Verse 8: Murk]
Well Im Bout Ta Crank My Dance N It Aint HArd Just watch Me Kill It Flip Flopin Hoes Jockin Niggas Watchin Tryna Steal It Betcha Cant Do It Like Me Watch Me Jump Across Me Feet Turn Around N Bend My Knees Slow It Down N Den I Lean Yea Im Down Wit Da T.C. N Da Missez Yea Dey Wit Me N Dey Jukin Yea Im Jiggin N Da Groupies Yea Dey Diggin Wait A Minute Watch Me Do It Just Stop N Give Me Space Any Body Wana Hate Den We Flip Flopin On Dey Face