Shake Dem Dreads Testo

Testo Shake Dem Dreads

Ooo, Ahh [x2]

Shake dem dreas between my legs [x8]

Put yo face between my legs
Don't hold back cuz I ain't scared
From da way dat you was chewin I bet you give dat fiya head
Don't let yo grill boost yo mouth up
Take dat sh*t out
Don't act like you don't do it cuz I know what you about
Fu*k dat otha sh*t yo tongue is all I need
Get straight to it ni**a get on yo knees
Taste it like chocolate eat it like a Reeces cup
Don't even try to fu*k cuz I'ma beat dat mouth up
You want some head h*ll naw ni**a who da fu*k is you
Push back dem gold tips and do what you do
Break yo dance on my sh*t
Yo tongue leanin and rockin
Eat it like you love it cuz it ain't gon be no stoppin
Ain't no time for cakin just gimme some face and
Make da first move cuz ni**a I'm waitin
Check you out (Check you out)
Shawty bout to choke and once you get through doin me you gotta do my folk

Shake dem dreads between my legs [x8]

Girl I know dis ni**a and he got some fiya dreads
He got em dyed red so he give dat fiya head
All dat cakin stop it
I just need fo you to lick it
But you a block head so after me go do the Missez
Boy my sh*t delicious yeah you wanna come try it
Eat it like some chicken lick it til you tongue tied
We on a fun ride make me scream make me shout
But I don't want no kisses cuz you got dat twat mouth
Ni**a gimme some head
Just shake dem dreads between my legs
Ni**a stop actin scared and rock yo tongue just like a bed
All you gotta do is wipe me down and put yo tongue up in it
When you finish eatin my pu**y I'ma pass you to da Missez
Ain't no time for decisions
This is strictly businessSo buddy get to lickin and do what you do
Now get down on yo knees and do what you supposed to

Shake dem dreads between my legs [x8]