Burn Instead Of Beauty Testo

Testo Burn Instead Of Beauty

You prayed for a man with grit
and a fast gun-hand to settle the score.
Oh! These times are terrible with bank robbers
and gun-fights, is it all that I'm cut out for?
Is it all that I'm still worth?
How could a man of the law and God
hang the one you loved?
Now it's a one-man job and I'm the hired gun.
Baby you've dug me a pretty shallow grave,
but I'm crawling in regardless.
Your beauty and elegance is irresistible,
but that's all part of the plan,
you're setting me up.
I have a lonely soul and my story's way too long,
so here I go, I have to pull that pistol again.
Is this really what you want?
Is this my last chance to end this charade?
And when the world and God turn their backs on you,
I will still be in love,
but this world has taken all the good in me away
because every time I turn around
another love of mine has let me down.
This has the end written all over it.
I've spent a fortnight hot on his trail,
now I got him in my sights,
you want him dead or alive?
You want him dead? Alright.