Jaybird Testo

Testo Jaybird

Drop in layback air or catch a grind
backside air axle stall whatever comes to mind
got enough speed to reach the sun
annoying all the neighbors but its all just for fun
if you bail knee slide out it won't hurt at all
just come sliding right up the other wall
grab your board try again its not just a game
allie to tail totally insane
all that I wanna do is skate
laying on a session grinds on 31st street
hoping that my face and the pavement won't meet
pulling acid drops right off the van
allie to the curb it's so easy to land
pedestrians getting pissed they're always in my way
but they can't make me stop I'll never go away
late night shredding ripping up the local pool
hear the man coming stash the boards and play it cool
all that I wanna do is skate