Pink Things Testo

Testo Pink Things

He big mr. porno man
try to enslave her if you can
reel her in with diamond rings
and all sorts of pretty things
high heeled legs street corner scene
the ripe old age of seventeen
little pink things are now for sale
for disease ridden, respectable males
hey big mr. porno man
make that move you know you can
she'll be for sale to fill your needs
she'll be working on the silver screen
and you know she'll do her best
or you'll be hear up like you did the rest
an end will come to your rotten world
of beating up helpless little girls
new girl lives alone, runaway to the city
a small town girl naive and pretty
a friendly face and straight blonde hair
you'll get her working on times square
long leather blazer and a big pink hat
checking on your girls from your cadillac
one of these days we'll check on you
a bullet in your skull and you'll be through