You Are My World Testo

Testo You Are My World

Lead singer : Corina Vamvakari

There are no words I can think of to say to you
Got to admit it's your love that pulled me through
And you are the reason I'm losing my mind
I'm out of control and I can't sleep at night
And I'm wondering:

You are my world, you are too much
I share it only with you
And dance with me forever more
We'll touch the sky and have it all
And look at the moon silver lining
I know it's shining for me
In dreams I walk into the night
Another place, another time

What would we do if our song would sing the blues ?
I really don't know, would I win or would I lose ?
We've got to believe in what's come in our way
The loving between us is making my day
And I'm wondering