She Likes It Testo

Testo She Likes It

So this is passion in a rather un-poetic fashion,
Sprawled across your bedroom floor entranced in,
Fits of rage turned into air we're gasping.

And I'm held captive by your bodies precious prison wrapped in
lust filled blankets and the smell of ash in
The air and they tell me that this is passion.

And I'm raiding your life like this empty liquor cabinet,
I know we're flirting with disaster right now.

Because she likes it, Oh baby she likes it.
Because she likes it, and there's no time to breathe.

Baby blue eyes, I still smell you in my bedroom at night
See your body when I close my eyes tight
See you shutter as my hands graze your thighs.

Well this is all I've got
So baby am I all you want
Because when the sun comes up,
I'll be your favorite mistake.

And I'll leave you with the remnants
Short of breath and empty handed
Feeling empty and unsatisfied
To tell the truth it was all lies.

It is tempting to walk out the door
But it's hard when I'm looking at you
When lust is in total control
So go, wrap your lips around me girl
Now you know what you've gotten into
How poetically placed we are now