Wait4Me Testo

Testo Wait4Me

Crash down on me Nala
My mind is made but I might turn into my father
Behind the shed we shared a laugh til the sun up
We at ease and you can't have what you please
Crash down on me
All I need
Crash down on me
All I need

You can meet me at the planet surface, I got more than I need
I can take you to the land of solace, cos you're all that I need
Meet me at the planet surface, if you know what I mean
We can take you to the final hour, we'll find the flower of your dreams

Honour my feelings and roll with the realest, stay honest and fuck all my enemies
Cradle my losses and murder the prophets, I'm changing my laws of reality
I been irrational waiting for balance, it's taking a weight on my amity
So if you want it then you can come get it, I don't give a fuck bout my sanity
Okay, I get it, you want beef but your girl want lettuce
Talk that street but you ain't that menace
I ain't street but I got that credit, get it?
Probably not, keep in space like an astronaut
Your girl ain't real like its Comicon
She a Kara Thrace on you Cylon dogs, oi
Three ones believed in and you can evolve
Murder the demons that riddle my soul
Cover my face when I'm up in the place
It's a peril to live and not break of your mould
I can't, I can't live up to your lies
Sheep in the litter are sheep in disguise
Everybody wants a piece of the
Ah nah, nah it's too painful
Hold on tight till the light is stable
Shadow in the breeze
When wouldn't wanna be
With a stone in my hand like I'm Cain to Abel
Split in the force like Anakin
Sin consumes like Zanarkand
Militant, blitzball kick your ribs that's imminent
Gattaca lift off, miracle citizen

I kept you in my locket so you slowly burn my chest
This feeling bleeding out now tears fall down in my unrest
I been stuck up in the rhythm your heart beats at
Heart shaped with a dagger and I fade out
I hope you know my friend
I been feeling like an enemy to peace now
Locked up with no hope in a tree house
I feel so lone again

Aye, it's not long to the countdown
Paramount for my team at my hometown
Virtual friends, they can't come around
Cos I'm in space and it's lock down
Marty Bugatti straight from the blue planet
Come from down under, prepare for the damage
Helmet from hell and a suit made of granite
I listen to Jackson, I'm talking bout Janet
Please be the first to tune in when they find us
One way mission, nothing left but a fire
Stuck in the pain like a bird on a wire
But I'll stay undefeated then retire
Goodbye everybody, goodbye mother, friends
And goodbye my love
Keep your chin up, stay grounded
Wait4Me in Morse code is how it sounded