Keep On Testo

Testo Keep On

I can almost see it
living in my head
Saying Troy you'l
never make it Oh man.
You got to face it
Everything Im dreaming
Everything Im living

There is always faith with me
But not right now Im not gonna break
it Im gonna try harder Im gonna
leave it alone Gonna be strong
and move on just keep pushing

Keep on there is always
more than just
that its not gonna go away
until It finds its way back
I will try I will climb I Will beat
the uphill battle
Win the rain and snow no more
darkness in my life, The Climb
will be a high mountain

But I got to keep On trying
more luck more confindence
More in my vains, raining
all the bad stuff draining
Away Its here keep On Move Along.
There will always be somebody
there in your way trying to stop
you but you have to discard the bad way
and Keep on don't get pushback,
There are always two sides in life,
Keep On, Or Climb.

Keep on moving
Keep the faith
Keep the climbing
It´s all about
It's All Woaahhh
About Your Faith