Take It On Testo

Testo Take It On

We are all going all going
Take It On, Run with me and all
Smile, big for the camara Yes
Baby the Camara, We all are gonna
Take it on weather or not,
He mad or even glad.

Theres just two chocies in life
I think we have to pick the best
of the both worlds, this is the
otherside of me not just Sergeant Troy
and his money, there is a fun side of me
Troy Rodriguez playing and writing,
Smile big, Take it on, got dreams Take it on,
Getting beat tell them comon, Take it on.

Baby, are you ready for the life of something
new gotta try everything or anything if you want
to move, want to go big, well try hard a enough, and
you will, Luck, confidence, love, will increase your
chances to succeed even if you are a Singer, rapper, actor,
football, basketball player work harder
Take it on, and I can promise you will get it all.

Take it on, take it on, take it, take, take it on
on all night, take it on, run towards it and beat it,
there might be several things in your way trying to stop you
just disreguard it and move along, Keep running, don't stop
keep it up Rock on, your almost there, now it's your time
to shine finish it off, Good luck and create it all.

Guitar Solo

See all you had to do was Take It On