With Me Testo

Testo With Me

I can almost feel it
That girl Im dreaming
there'a voice inside my
head telling me she's
not the one I remember
the fact and fun we had

While we were all together
I can feel it coming running
through my vains la la la
Who's say I can't be whatever
I want to be. Who said she can't

Be with Me tonight just me
and you thinking of all of the fun
we had laughs and our minds collides
our time running out fast our
pride describing our time
We race it we beat it Your With Me
Im with you together we fall in love again

Pacing time from right from wrong
With me is a big word six characters.
Three words girl theres just one last thing
I need to say I Love You.
Decode me find the secret beat it
win it get me back Be With Meeeeeeeee