Motivation Testo

Testo Motivation

Ugly Pies – Motivation

Couplet 1:

Watch the man in the driver in the seat
Or what else your psycho need

When did I swear to skate

Shall I do it al again

So when did I swear to skate

Now I did it al again

But was there a reason to

Do the nasty things you do


Motivation (don’t say try)

Motivation (you won’t say try)

Motivation (you like to feel)

Motivation (you have to free our lives)


There not many girls for you

You’re a freak and crazy to

Close you’re eyes and then open up

And run to the closest club

See a girl and give a sign

Walk to here and say you’re mine

When she says yes, then you have…

A girlfriend with who you can laugh

Refrein (2x)


The world is just too big for you

You don’t know where you going through

You have to look out there

Or wear good protected gear

You’ve got a jacket that’s from furs

They will treat you like a girl

You drink alcohol in the nation

You just need some motivation!


Motivation motivation motivation motivation…