Marstrom Testo

Testo Marstrom

I?m bothered, nothing going my way
You can appreciate the irony
You build me up to break me down
Too bad your empire?s falling
Don?t take us down while you are sinking
The battle?s only just begun
This fight, it kills us in a freefall
You take the innocence from people
I am prepared to go alone now
Your greed, I?ve seen it with my own eyes
And now you?ve made me your enemy
The battles on, get out your guns

Give me some love
Maybe you?ll see that this is not in vain
You will see us in a place beyond
You can come if you want to
Come if you want to love something
You can come if you want to
Come if you want to

You are so careless with your kingdom
You always throw away the great ones
Though you told me I?m the one
I just need something to believe in
You cannot rule with integrity
You break my heart, you break my heart

Give me some love
What are you scared of
Holding on to me