The Ancient Testo

Testo The Ancient

The days of glory had finished,
Outside the cities, crowds gathered
To pray their gods just for answers.
An angel found the masters, and told them:

“The vessel with men's gifts is empty now,
And the children will be born talent less
Men joined in only one lament,
Mediocrity sentenced the new raze".
As years went by the last noble men died,
And the world was left without glory or pride.
They went to the forgotten land,
Looking for vestiges of the ancient man
Only he could bring the gifts back to men
Only he could give the glory back to the world

Among the highest civilization ruins,
They found a stone altar.
There was a flame on the altar,
And the ancient's spirit lived in the flame.

Over the church porticos,
Wonderful angels sang old war songs.
Their voices were deaden by years,
They let the saddest melodies flow

They went into the old city,
Inspired by the angels.
In their eyes a light of hope shone,
When they saw the ancient man...

He stood up and stared at them,
He realized their sadness.
He opened an old bag that he had,
And he took out a ruby that glowed in his hands...