Scream Of Immortality Testo

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Testo Scream Of Immortality

I wish to find the way
To escape from the grave
Where religion buried me
Together with maggots and
My soul is fighting
To take my body away
From the ropes of death
That condemn me
The chance is near
The master can save me
Just calling my name
I will reach immortality
We will be many lost souls
Who will worship thy name
Omnipotent being
Prince of reality
Eden doesn't exist in heaven
I watch bullshit
Master of the darkness
Show me your power
Give me immortality
Give me eternity
You will have your chance to
Unleash yourself from the grave
Worship my own name forever
Eden doesn't exist in heaven
I watch bullshit
Take your hand
Scream of immortality
Scream of eternity