By Turns Testo

Testo By Turns

Burn this path that we tread, blindly whatever the cost
In this savage game of conquest our sacred world is lost
We stand outside the circle of life and worship our myths held so right
While our foundations crumble beneath us, for they are woven with lies
We die, with each passing breath
We watch the collapse of all that is left
The barren fields of plenty stand bitter testament
To mark the steps of progress written in this world's distress

And we're led astray
And we are enslaved
The lies that we are told
And learn to tell, body and soul

So drown the fires of life with this blood we have shed
As we enact this deadly dance, and bound by our culture we're led
In this march of the damned, and do we stand a chance?
To unlearn the tales of this culture, to rewrite the myths of man

For we bear the shame, of this brutal reign
Of domination and conquest and pain
From birth we are blind, and no hour slips by
Without the whispers of our mother culture,
Her vision and her lies

And can we survive?
With this way of life
For we must deny this suffering, this sickness and this strife
Close your their visions we are blind
And I will turn my back on this charade
A newfound worldview to light this path
Through these darkest days
And burn these bridges we have lain
To fill the darkness with the voices of freedom, regained