Lament Testo

Testo Lament

Into the shadows of life to which we've been driven
In the ruins of Eden to which we have come
Under bleeding skies still writhes this tortured land
And this world without end stands forsaken
And we forget, have we gone so wrong?
That onward we march, lost and enslaved to their culture's carrion song

The truth in the silences goes unheard, as we drown in their hideous faith
For they've built up their temples to slavery, and the stench of deceit

Through this night which we crawl
For there is always further to fall

Their rust scarred cities stand
To mark the graves below
The poisoned skies they weep
For their fates are cast in stone
The oceans boiling black upon the shores
Of this bloodstained waste landscape
That burns forevermore

And they step blind through this fever mad dance
In the last days of Eden which have come at last

And they've traded cheap the world and her love
For keys to the kingdom of filth above

(their cold kisses taste of blood and despair)
But we may surrender humanity's shame
Reborn from the ashes of our world in flames

Burn, burn with the fires of change

Tear down their culture of conquest and greed
With unblended eyes a new dawn to greet
And cast off the weight of humanity's sin
For a new day is born at their history's end