This day all gods die Testo

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Testo This day all gods die

ten thousand years into the reign of our madness and misery
from the fertile womb of the near east born one lifestyle and tradition
like a raging storm this brutish culture swarmed across the continents and seas
to pillage and rape, with lust this earth to take, now we stand on the brink of destruction

outside of nature stands angelic our mother culture
we've been blindly led down the darkened halls of a ravaged world deplored
within this society lay the suffering seed
we must dispel the falsehoods and lies and kill the gods they so desperately need
a way of life filled with grief and strife and a failing sense of mind
for how we used to live, how we used to thrive in the global community
but now we stand alone and struggle to fulfil l the so-called destiny of humankind
to rule this sacred earth, for what the scars are worth, i will live as a full-sworn enemy

burn the altars upon which their dwindling faith lies
tear the pages from their holy scriptures (prophets speak empty words)
crucify their convictions (for love of the world i stray from the selfish path of salvation)
for with each life which turns its back on their beliefs
the gods which make up the base of their culture cease to be
the gifts of civilization and technology which their gods bestow
are but despair and disease gilded in fool's gold

of what does our voice sing in the chorus of distress?
This day all gods die.