World On The Run Testo

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Testo World On The Run

Conditioning, there is no reason,
violate your spirit, mold your mind
Follow the rules or get an education
behind state bars or father time.
When we were kids we cut our hair
throw rocks we didn't care
Stuck us under the pavement
cuz we're going nowhere.

Here lies the shell of the late great west,
Nothing to salvage wire & rust,
modern technology your obsolete
Machines need repairs not medication.
Same girl she had a fridge
Same nut still burning the bridge
Bingo had it coming
& what we knows to live.

Joe rocks sweat to the beat
rotten screams 'bout reality
Thunder's on the gow
The dead boys in the street

we're goin' down
we're goin' down
we're goin' down
we're goin'

world on the run