So Young So Wrong So Long Testo

Testo So Young So Wrong So Long

This teen-age kid - I almost ran and hid
When he says to me I recognize you from TV, (you're all that I don't want to be)
Be aware that I really use to care
I'm no Grocer of Despair; in fact I'm lighter than the air
And you're so young, so wrong, so so long
Epitaph: A Hostage To His Craft
His Talent Down the Drain.
Spent his whole life on the train (just to get out of the rain)
Rain came down and washed away my youth;
You thought that it would last; you thought it was the truth,
But you're so young, so wrong, so so long
I read your book and I stole your look and now it's sad how much like dad you are a star who's burning out
no doubt you burned out long ago
you know you once stole the show but
now you steal my youth just to
keep yourself alive you are me at thirty five
I thought it best not to hold him to my breast
And say, sunshine, I'm not the only one who's dying
(everything's going to be fine)
Fine, instead I let it all go to my head
I leaned across and said I too thought my sould was dead
But I was young, I was wrong, I grew up,
I wrote this song
You're so young, you're so wrong, so so long