I Will Testo

Testo I Will

Verse 1:
I understand my purpose and what I'm here to do.
My responsibility is that through me...
The world see you.

Let my life reflect You;
Let Your glory flow through.
Here's my heart; I surrender all to You.
Lord, be pleased in all I do.

I will lift my hands; I will worship.
I will honor You;
I will lift my voice in adoration.
That's what I was created to do.

Verse 2:
I discovered my passion;
My identity has been revealed.
You desire me to worship
And I long for You, oh God, to be revealed.

(Pre-chorus -> Chorus 2x)

Ending (worship leader ad lib):
I will, I will... (4x)

That's what I was created to do. (4x)