Buried Alive Testo

Testo Buried Alive

["This song brings basically the longing for reaching the end, no matter what will be next. When redemption takes too much time to come, peace is the air we breathe, and there is no more complete peace than death. It's a way to eternalize moments that were never meant to be over. But, soon, we realize that there's no use in carrying on with things that are already over. It's about the hard task of dealing with the loss of faith, and accepting that even eternal moments may also be over."]

I wish I had been buried alive
to find some rest in peace
in the fluid of life that brings death
I wish this night would last forever
to find a bloody kiss
in the fluid of death that brings joy

you lay far beyond my wishes
I learn from all this silence and I wither
envying your peace

eternity has taken everything from me
even those small things that we take for granted
eternity is nothing but a useless memory
it made me lose everything I ever wanted

I wish I had been buried alive
to bring beauty to death
if only someone could hear my cry
I wish this night would last forever
to find another bless
in the fluid of joy that brings fear

the angel fled away (no one came to bury me)
carrying all my faith with him
what's left to pray?

in a world that's free behind the bars
risible quest of yours, illusioned by freedom
dreams are just a pretext to breathe scars
blaming everything on the nightmares inside this cage within

the pain of giving love
makes this fear feel so real
I'm alive but no one came to bury me