Damsel Of Grief Testo

Testo Damsel Of Grief

["This is a very straight song. It was meant to be this way. Because although it feels really complicated to understand why strong things such as deep feelings just vanish, they usually do due to simple reasons. This one is about how apart we can do ourselves from dear people. About the meaning of regret and the need for tolerance, sincerity and understanding. It all comes through freedom and a deep look at the past. It brings a person willing to be hopeful. But just cannot. Yet".]

farewell, damsel of grief
you have never been so nigh
sadness is your birthmark
tearstained fate's beginning to writhe

faltering steps from the cradle
lead me to these grasping thoughts
life could be just a fable
neverending pile of knots

harlot, crumbles on her knees
flawless skills brings anything you please
mundane, insane cult of fall
securing peace by clinging to lies unheard

willing to bestow all her memories
don't feel sorry for my plight
her eyes shudder with all she sees
dirges are sung whilst I dispel the night