Desperanter Testo

Testo Desperanter

["Desperanter means "hopeless" in Latin. It says that the more you think, you question, you try to find a way out, the bigger is the distance between you and the answers. It is a total state of loneliness. It is about those days you hardly say a word, you regret your feelings, your acts, and feel cursed by them. Those days in which you wish for nothing but crying, to release the pain".]

wrath is your native tongue
for you dwell in a supressed soul
notes in crimson - sad song
feebled man dies... where is hope?

can you figure out what intolerance alights?
will we live to see every shadow departs?
desperanter, thou shalt forevermore
remain deprived of hope
I am forever damned
you could not understand
that you made my dream come true
a feeling has been vain
and life has lost its pain
forever damned

anger flows within me
only petals fall through my eyes
yelling laments remain unheard
I only recall your lullabies