Wrong Testo

Testo Wrong

I've been taken for a fool
Thought this thing would drive me insane
Guess it's always the same old play
You come and get what you want from me!

Then you dump me like a rug
Too bad you didn't consider my thoughts
I'd kill for my dignity 'n you know,
I got a screw loose now bitch off
The biggest flashing of all
Was to think that i'd do what i'm told
Come'n go, wait for you when you're not in the mood
Guess what i'm saying, you're wrong

You're so damn wrong not to get
That my only one mistake
Was to think i wanted you
I know where you live, the risk is all yours

Yours, all yours
Y'know you're wrong

Always been so incredibly wrong not to get
My one and only mistake
Was to think i could trust you
Now i know i'm through i don't want you round

You're wrong, you've always been so damn wrong
You're wrong