Feed Me Testo

Testo Feed Me

Gucci, Sqoochie squad, ah, yeah!
OK, OK, going in!
Two hundred pounds I do that shit, I knew that shit, I do it that shit,
Hold up with a hundred pounds, bills and bricks, filthy rich.
All I know is growing
? my mind go like nine times.
Call it engineering, Gucci might steal it
A new European, everybody kicking.
Is robbing season, ? goes out searching,
Lurking, surfing, call it ?
Gucci on the let me take a ? wanna drive a
Wild, pound, bricks right now, ?
Flocka told me go in! Roco told me go in!
PJ told me no in, my hand, I will throw in!
? end up in the shoot ?
Who he know to look out, ?

[Chorus: x2]
I'm in the strip club, the girls are like zombies
They're screaming feed me, feed me, feed me!
And when the club ? we make scary movie girls
Screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming!

? Gucci come my put the stairs in the back,
? I ain't worried about that,
? nigger hold that!
Rolling in my zone, baby make the bootie clap!
Slap on the bootie like I'm trying to hit that,
How much it cost 'cause I charge your stack?
Bottles in the air, hey, yeah, I'm stoned!
? double cops, double phone,
I'm full of ? stacks on stacks,
Never been a ? I'ma ?
They say Waka Flocka got a guilt.
I just shift, every boy ? I lived,
? mother fucker thinking I might fall.
The bitches always calling me
? I'll ball my jeans.
? you fuck with me
? bitch clap that ass

[Chorus: x2]

Love this nigger ? screaming out loud I love this nigger!
? seen the same girls that work ?
They say they came straight from ?
? teach 'em no lesson!
Girls ? my songs on, ? get it to the phone
In the club full of whole zombies,
Screaming out feed me,
But I just got this stack girl, it ain't gonna be that easy!
Four girls leaving, ain't coming,
Old girls fucking, ain't coming,
Just like Gucci said I left a hundred dollars on the dresser
? come home with me, you're fucking
You got my attention, I'll turn you in a
? steady talking, but I don't hear nothing!

[Chorus: x2]