Stand Testo

Testo Stand

I won't stop in a moment i got nuthin left to give and i'm saying, we got no hesitation to be poor everyday
but sometimes in a painful and necessary part of our fable
this state of the nation becomes lost and hidden away

stand up did you really fall again
i'v never been so afraid, so afraid for you
you just about got to be face down
26 feet underground and how long must we pay
cuz you are not afraid and we have only one, one last shot at faith
i just heard about something and i got no way to verify at all
come show me a way to make just 2 and 2 seem nice
i'l just take a vacation a nice trip to somewhere warm where i can not make justifications about love
loving you

stand up when you gonna put your hands up
never been so afraid
so afraid for you
face down 26 feet
26 feet on the boondock street we pay
but you are not afraid and we have only one
one last shot at faith