Nothing To Find Testo

Testo Nothing To Find

Oh, I'm rising from within
I see it every morning
Tell you where the rhythm ends

"Is it cold tonight my love?"
I whisper through the screen
And there is nothing I can say or do in between

Oh, it always changes, I don't understand
I keep moving through the edge of now
Here comes a feeling I can't stop
An emotion [???]

Oh, you said

You played my brother like fire
You walked him through the rain
There was ???
But the feeling that I get
The warmth of your embrace
There is nothing I can do if I am going away

It was all so innocent
You could feel my loving arms
Then I saw you in the morning light
You were standing in my door
The emotion[-less was no more ???]

All my way it was envisioned
I walked alone in pain
Through the early morning rain
Feel the warmth of my embrace
Hold me underneath the shadows
Once before I get erased

But my love is on the line
I pushed my way through the pack
I kept sliding out of time
Now our moon is on the rise
There is always something bigger
Leaning on the other side, yeah

But you wanted me
On the wrong path
I've been hanging on the other side
Keep on pushing back

We belong here
I'll take all I can get
I've been hanging on the other side
I keep pushing back