You Don't Have To Go Testo

Testo You Don't Have To Go

Love is a bird I can't even see
Even in the darkness right in front of me
You were shining brightly in the window in the morn
There's a torrent that rises gently
There's a wind

You can be free, sometimes babe
Sometimes all you want to do is run away
I don't need a curse, the hurt is much too real
But even worse, I'm silently waiting
For her, the room will be painted

Yeah, I know, it's hard, this time
Yeah, I know, you know, this time ... [?]

How could I wait until you recognized me?
When you were there inside my dreams
No, you don't have to go, I want to make you stay
Goodbye, anyway
[?] the moves, today

I've been up since the break of dawn
I lost my mind today
I'm at the sea, and I can hear the trains
Winds of change, so new, blow right through me and blow back through you
And pull you into the light, yeah

Now I'm home, and it's clear as [dawn?]
Lost my edge today, singing all my songs in the pouring rain
Pushed and pulled apart by the scenes
I can feel the change
Winds of love blow few, and they move through me, and they [?] from you
And take you into the night, yeah