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Testo Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans, & Records

(feat. The Parralax)

[Intro: Warcloud]
Aiyo g, we gon' bong, pinball over here, down the street
Yo, the Los Angeles fabulous
Yo, Warcloud, the Skarekrow, Leviathan
The Great Chiefs, yo, it's how we rock it
Yo, yo, go how we rock it

[Hook x2: Warcloud]
Mics, turntables, spray cans and records
Mics, turntables, spray cans and records

Aiyo, my pen is a merciless sword that burns you open
Throw ya arms and legs in a big barrel of vinegar
Puny little men in green uniform, want to hurt Warcloud
Warcloud smash, the planet crash
Deep in the Sun, I'm awfully unstable
Spin like a quarter on the edge of a coffee table
Sterling rap cap muthafuckas like AK's
For decades, I infect AIDS to rap brigades
A mutated stranded, swell up ya head and burst it
Hideous by pitiless greed, hits on a prettiest
Eat through the walls, and I look at ya girls skirt, cuz
Cambodian dirt buzz, waffle chromes and soap suds
Helicopter fire power shower you after April
Warehouse machinery, heavy bionical chronicle
Old abominable super sonical, metropolital
Metacarpals, pop orchestra, run away ya vertebrae
Swamp voice, in for thick natures, raise ya flexures
Bitter bone lecture epics, holdin' cryptic
Down in the hollow, men crumble when I mumble
Underwater cyber jungle, lyrics tumble

[Hook x2: same time as the chorus]

[Chorus x2: Leviathan]
Great Chiefs, we slaughter, clobber all impostors
Urban legends stalkers, fresh off the meat locker
Urban legends stalkers, Great Chiefs, we conquer
Clobber all impostors, fresh off the meat locker

Drunk off the Lager, slobber, speech improper
Zoomin' past coppers, renegade hip hoppers
Shake, rattle or shatter, mirrors to windows
Hench those, ears and cannons, drums explode
The verter-breaker, homes, Holmes, we got you done
Out, Great Chief scout, muzzle ya snout dog
It's turbulence, turbulence, else swift
Knuckle uppercut, detachin' the fence
Scars are, permanent, permanent
Parallax crack backs, on wax, smack ya brats
Trapped in a torture rack, we torture tracks
Sure son release the Mantra, asthma, microphone basher
Answer for ya cancer, tomahawk slasher, yo, causin' disaster

[Chorus/Hook x2]

Fresh off the meat locker...

Lyrics leave you wit more knots then spots on a leopard
The crocodile shepherd, leave teeth marks in records
And bend microphones, form funeral homes
That's right boy, you in the danger zone
I hook up wit M.C.'s, make love to M.P.'s
Half natural laborer, give birth to C.D.'s
Drop niggas on they heads like careless baby-sitters
You can throw ya best verses, and I'll, flush 'em down the shitter
Tear out ya tongue and feed us to the scavengers
Carve a mark on my chest, for every wanted challenger
Who died on this mission and got malnutrition
Went up against drive, and then survived the collision
My hands swoop from my pockets, evil plotter eye socket
Couldn't block it, broke his forearm tryin' stop it
My comment, ripped his veins to his arm pits
And dragged the flag, puffin' through hot car pits
Hard hits to the head, make the genius retarded
Flip confidence like the Red Sea garden
Bear trap raps, snapped on his back from the black man
Tryin' to grow on site, take the flight on the demise

[Chorus/Hook x2]

Fresh off the meat locker

[Unknown singer:]
We can be, we can be, we can be...

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Warcloud (unknown singer)]
Great Chiefs (We can be, we can be, we can be, everything...
We can be anything...)