Stagnant Testo

Testo Stagnant

Consciousness of the problem is all but half of the battle
It's the will to change that one must formulate

[?] with a stretch
Riverside park bench
Under dressed for the occasion
Suffocated to the wind
Metaphorically comparing my purpose to the peace bridge

Like all I've ever been is a connection
The dread of the road trip

Towering anxiety
Suspended above our body
Of the same stuff that flows through me

That has been absent as of late
And now I'm well aware of [?]
I've been stagnant paralyzed
I feel nothing for anything else other than your eyes
How they reflect mine
How they constantly move me closer to the person I promise I'm trying to be

Oh how lately it's been evident
I've been letting everyone I know
Down, down, down
And lately I've been taking hits
For people that [?]
Around, around, around
I promise I'm different now, believe it or not
I'm still lost, I'm still gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
I'm still...