City Streets, Summer Heat Testo

Testo City Streets, Summer Heat

It's the final act
Director's curtain call
And this all star cast
Of beautiful
Men and womyn alike
Is only complimented
By the wonderful sets
And the scripts of gold...

Sets of city streets
Summer heat,
And they way things were

Growing up and growing old
1997, 4 years ago
All 3 of summers months
I still won't let go

(So) hey...
We've been down this road
4 years ago--days, weeks, months

(So) hey...
Can you tell me why?
Tempeture can remind--you of your life

A lot of people don't like the city
It's too fast for some
96 degree evenings
Make it uncomfortable for most

But I remember the times
On the back porch
The outside world honking
The city moved so slow

Was it the heat or the humidity
Or was it something more?
Could the world have stopped spining
And I witnessed it all?

On my
City street
In my
Summer heat