[Rave]olution Testo

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Testo [Rave]olution

Rave'em all
Let's shake this place
We play this shit
Headbanger's dance
It's Xe-NONE's style
Hard mixed force

Back to the beat
Back to the base
Feel the force of cyber-dance
Hit the road
Hit the stage
Feel the power - feel the rage
Do it baby
Jump for joy
Move you ass in Twilight Zone
Everybody in the place
It's [Rave]olution - start the dance

Keep your body moving
Feel the beat of life
Keep your body raving
Feel the force inside
Keep your body moving
Feel the beat control
Keep your body raving
Rave it on and on
It's time to free
The force inside
The force to live
The force of life
It's time to feel
The sound and vibe
Update yourself
Update your life