Make It Through Testo

Testo Make It Through

why do we waste our time.

talking about our problems instead of trying to find.

trying to find a way to make a change we need to stop blaming each other with our mistakes.

stop to blame with our mistakes.

too many times we give up on things problems appear and they bring.
bring us down, let us doubt in what's true.

just need a little faith and we can make it through.

I often resigned and drowned in self-doubt.

I'm fuckin sick of giving up and falling down.

I will fight for my dreams, fight for in what I believe.

never give up hope, never give up hope again.

are you with me?

don't throw away what once meant so much.

don't give up on what you love.

together we can make it through.
you can count me in, what about you?