Blue Jeans (Remix) Testo

Testo Blue Jeans (Remix)

(feat. Ghostface Killah, Jazze Pha)

[Intro: Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen, MJM presents Yasmeen
Woo, Jazze Pha, woo-weh, Blue Jeans, I like them

I've been checkin' you, and like the way you walk
Your sexy b-boy style, that confidential throne
So let me take a minute to introduce myself
Cuz you don't need to know anybody else

[Chorus: Yasmeen]
Here's my number you can call
Anytime you wanna talk
That's exactly where I'll be
When you wanna get at me
And if you wonder what to do
That's got me into
It's ya blue jeans, the way you rock in them blue jeans, baby

No one makes me feel, the way you do inside
Sensation is so real, it hit me day or night
Some people, nice and safe
Some where and near ya heart
Wouldn't wanna loose this, love before we start
You got everything, that I want, that I want
You got everything, that I need, that I need
[Chorus x2]

[Ghostface Killah]
Days went by and it was plain to see
That I finally figured out why you started diggin' me
It was the jeans not the rings, couch fit, scene
Round the same time when Rae dropped C.R.E.A.M.
I still had rock, but very little stones
And messin' wit you, had me not comin' home
And word on the streets is that you got me whipped (word up)
It got back and had a brother on flip (word)
How they know I had brought that whip
It's all good, that's just one of my gifts
Cuz the love it when my stomach touch ya body
Baby, my tongue game is mad crazy
Enough about me, Ton' Starks, sugar, I drove the Arc
Noah taught me how to parallel park
I may hit you while I'm writin' my darts
And like 15 to 20 minutes, you heard baby, that's from the heart

[Chorus x2]