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Testo Cinema Girl

There's too many people around you tonight
I feel like a bubble in a bottle of beer
Everybody's smiling and is king of acting
Just another reason for drinking
I see you at the bar and you seem to be happy
I'm wondering what's so funny
Drinking a beer in a hometown saloon makes me feel like a defeated cowboy
Who's sad cuz he has lost....

Y'a pas mal trop d'monde autour de toi à soir
J'me sens comme une bulle dans une bouteille de bière
Tout le monde est content; ces sourires fatigants
J'me retrouve le nez dans ma bière
J't'aperçois au bar, comme sortie de nulle part
Ce sourire effervescent
Entre deux gorgées, il me vient des idées
Mais j'sais bein trop qu'tu t'en vas demain
Pour ce pays lointain

I know you're from France
We've talked together, you were so nice
Like everybody has told me
But tonight something's strange in the way I see you
Don't want to tell anyone cuz they'll all be listening

So fucked up you see
In fact, there's nothing to see
I'm just starting to get drunk cuz it's boring
But a smile from the star like the sun for the nature
I was so blind dead that I didn't say anything
I didn't want to screw the scene
It's three o'clock in the morning and the lights are opening
You're leaving tomorrow morning
It's time for closing, the lights are opened
You're leaving for another country
Yeah tonight I'm still in the same hometown boring saloon
Drinking a beer and thinking about the past
I would like to know you more
Now I know you more