The Boat That Never Sinks Testo

Testo The Boat That Never Sinks

Green lights and a dark blue sky
Bring me back to “When we didn't speak”
The smell of her bed in your backyard
They will open the light at the same time now

German meals of “Whatever” and “We're so sorry”
Love stories between bright eyes and pink pink lips
Like drinking and smoking and never saying: “You're great”
Break my heart and tell stories about me
To your friends and your good looking new boyfriend
Of how great I was when I actually was
It's the end of the worst summer ever
I'll miss the rain and the cold cold nights

A green t-shirt over a black black heart
You want me to talk about our night at the park?
You want me to sing about the boat that never sinks?
Where homeless cats and lonely men lose their heart

Tell me it won't matter like “I love you” and “I miss you”
Tell me you'll remember this night
When she'll ask you: “Did you ever feel real?”
Your eyes are my light , my dream is your back
I've walked on your streets today and the houses still crack
It's the way that you see me
Look at you now
I know that from now on, my heart is your house